“If it comes from your feelings
it can’t be wrong”
I’m quirky, I’m loud, I’m creative and most importantly I'm queer.

Storytelling is at the heart of my work: I've always been drawn to raw honesty and vulnerable realness. My work is romantic, nostalgic, earthy, and intimate.

With my photography I aim to capture those moments of intimacy between people and their loved ones -including pets and farm animals - making their bond eternal. 
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I’ve been traveling a lot before corona spoiled my plans, in fact most of my formative years took place between Italy and Spain.
Now, I’m based in London where I’m planning to stay for a while - even though the weather drives me crazy.

I’m currently working as a freelance portrait photographer and I  cover pretty much every area in Greater London.
Please get in touch if you’re interested in booking a session with me!
For commissions/enquiries
*commercial portfolio available upon request

2021 Slippage Magazine, Noctis Magazine
2020 F Word Magazine, The Editorial QC
2019 Kaltbult, La Botanica, Feroce, Voom Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Philocaly Magazine
2019 art director for "Lucid" a short fashion film
2018 "Who Am I?" for ArtAbout Magazine
2017 RGSP magazine
2017 Melancholy Project, Madama Hostel&Bistrot (Milan, Italy)

2019 Art Direction for Fashion, Central Saint Martins
2018 Fashion Photography, Central Saint Martins 
2017 - ∞ Workshops with Marta Bevacqua, Lara Jade, Giulia Bersani..
2015 Professional Photography, Italian Institute of Photography (Milan, Italy)
2013 Editorial Illustration, CFP Bauer (Milan, Italy)
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